Theresa May hints at increased visas for Indians in return for support on issue of illegal visas

The Visiting UK Prime Minister Theresa May has given indication that the visas may be increased for the Indians, if the Indian Government assists UK in addressing the issue of migrants overstay beyond the legal permits.

The Indian Government has raised concerns over the constraints that the Indian student community is facing for processing their visas to UK. Even the expertise work force is confronted with several issues for their migration, Narendra Modi Indian PM has said. He has urged the British PM to take immediate steps to facilitate the immigration of Indians to UK.

In fact the demands by Indians for smoother visas has received backing from even the British business community, with UK  industrialist Sir James Dyson favoring liberal visa policies to Indians immigrating to UK. He expressed his views at the summit for the business leaders in New Delhi.

The issue of visa policy has been a major point of discussion in the British Premier’s three day visit to India. The visit will also focus on easing constraints on bilateral trade between the two nations, especially in the background of post Brexit policy.

India and UK have already agreed for mutual collaborations on diverse issues such as smoother business prospects for nationals of both the countries, rights of intellectual property, facilitation on cyber safety and addressing cyber terrorist activities.

Theresa May has said that Britain will go ahead further to receive the best and talented students from India, as the latest statistics reveal that out of ten, nine Indian applications are being approved.

India is demanding reforms to the existing visa policies in terms of lessening the conditions for eligibility and the hike in exact number of approvals for visas. Brittan has meanwhile agreed to ease the cost factor, hastening the processing of visas and enhancing the number of offices for approvals of visas. This will definitely result in processing increased number of visas.

India will however have to assist UK in facilitating the return of Indians from UK who do not have the legal permits.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the current changes to UK visa policies for students has resulted in decreasing the number of Indian overseas students to UK by 50% and this was a major concern. He said that the education of Indian students was a decisive factor that will shape the future of bilateral relations between both the nations. The Indian Premier also expressed his view that enhanced involvement and movement of students for education and research prospects must be encouraged.

Lord Bilimora, of the Cobra beer has also demanded that the multiple entry visas for less than £100 that has been given to the Chinese must be extended to the Indians too. He said that the decreasing visitors to UK from India meant that British economy would be on a disadvantage as they would move to Paris.

BBC has been informed by Sir James that UK must allow increased number of students from India as there will be shortage of around one million engineers for UK in the future as UK has only one third of the required engineers. The UK administration will have to transform its visa policies making it friendlier to the Indians if it has to cater to this need, he said.

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