UK Government declines to renew work visa after studies, but Scotland differs on the issue

Graduates in the UK will not have the approval to work after their studies. The Government of UK has declined to renew the work authorization that allowed students to be employed in the UK for a period of two years after the completion of their studies.

This decision was taken in the year 2012 to decrease the number of immigrants to the country and aimed at retaining only the top talents.

On the contrary to this decision, the Government of Scotland had ordered an investigation to look into the issue of abolition of work visas after studies. The Scottish Affairs Committee had submitted in its report that the removal of work authorization after studies was making Scotland an unappealing nation to pursue studies. According to the report, the strength of students in the UK outside the EU had decreased by 80% upon the removal of work visas.

The saint quoted the Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce Liz Cameron as saying that Scotland’s economy is confronting severe issues in the form of decreased growth rate and high scarcity of skilled workers. In the wake of transformed association with the European Union, it is worse that the Government of UK is ending all possibilities of the contribution of global immigrants to the growth of Scotland’s economy.

She also said that Scotland is lagging behind other countries when it comes to increasing the number of global students and their capability to acquire significant job opportunities. One of the representatives of the St Andrews University has said that they were in favor of the renewal of the work visas for students. It was vital for the university to be appealing to the global students he added.

The speaker of the University also added that they always disagreed with the proposal to restrain global students from working in the UK after their studies and will go ahead with their efforts.

He said that the university along with Universities Scotland will continue to persuade the governments of Scotland and UK about the worth of attracting best talents to St Andrews from across the globe.

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