US to give ten-year multiple entry visas to Kazakhstani citizens

It was announced by the Kazakhstan’s US Diplomatic Mission that they would give visas with longer-term validity to business people and tourists from Kazakhstan, according to the US Embassy.

The visas which will be issued to qualified applicants of Kazakhstan from 29 December 2016 would make them eligible for multiple visits to America within ten years.

Akipress quotes George Krol, the US Ambassador to Kazakhstan, as saying that with the introduction of business and tourism visas with a validity of ten years to citizens of Kazakhstan and Americans, citizens of both countries can devote more time to plan their travel and worry less about visa forms.

He added that the reciprocal easing of visa restrictions would commemorate the 25th anniversary of US-Kazakhstan diplomatic relations. This development underlines the strong ties that the two countries have shared since the central Asian country was formed and stands for the commitment of the United States to demonstrate its relation with Kazakhstan, added Krol.

At the same time, ten-year validity visas were introduced for businessmen and tourists from America arriving in Kazakhstan by the foreign ministry of the former Soviet Republic. Citizens of the US can visit Kazakhstan for up to 30 days sans a visa starting from 1 January 2017.

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