Visa applications for the UK from technology sector increases after liberalization of rules for excellent IT professionals

The UK Government’s organization that processes applicants of special visas Tech City UK has said that there is an increase in the applications of excellent IT professionals from the nations outside the European union. More than half of these applicants are from nations such as Australia, South Korea and India.

As per the statistics revealed by the agency, after the Brexit referendum, more than 200 applications were submitted as compared to the mere 20 applications in the previous year. This increase is a result of the decision taken by the Government of UK last November to liberalize rules that permit IT professionals to process their visa applications in a group.

One fourth of these total applications are from the more than half are applied from the nations in the APAC region including Australia, South Korea, and India.

In a report submitted by the Committee of the House of Commons for Science and Technology, it was revealed that Britain is facing acute shortage of skilled workers in the IT sector. This is resulting in a loss of approximate 63 billion pounds to the GDP of the UK every year.

It was revealed in a survey of the PWC that almost 78% percent of the IT firms in UK are facing skills shortage of expertise professionals and they consider this to be the chief hindrance to their growth.

Tech City’s Chief executive, Gerard Grech has said that this scenario needs to be transformed and the limits fro these visas have to be increased, as quoted by the IB Times.

He also said that the agency was having deliberations with the government on this scenario of the technology sector in the UK. The government has been apprised that the tech professionals are scarce in the UK and the situation needs to be addressed, added Gerard Grech.

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