World Bank report reveals that Canada is one of the top four nations for immigrants with high skills

Canada has emerged as one of the top four nations that attract immigrants with high skills. This was revealed in a report published by the World Bank, the international monetary agency that extends financial assistance to emerging economies.

The US is the most preferred destination for the overseas immigrants with top-notch skills as almost forty percent of the total immigrants’ world-wide migrated to the US.

This research of the World Bank was authored by Christopher Parsons, William Kerr, Ça?lar Özden, and Sari Pekkala Kerr. The research focused on the pattern of immigration over the last five decades, the statistics of immigration numbers across the globe and destinations of departure and arrival.

The research has revealed that the top four popular immigration destinations in the world are America, Britain, Canada and Australia. The report of the World Bank has also allayed fears by certain sections and political groups that immigration has increased drastically. It has said that the global immigration trends are steady for the last fifty years.

In spite of the increase in the immigration numbers of refugees in some specific parts of the globe, the pattern is clear for people who are well educated, have salaries above the average and immigrate for financial purposes.

The research of the World Bank has established that the US attracts the highest number of highly skilled immigrants across the globe, chosen by 40% of the international migrants. It was followed by Britain, Canada, and Australia as these nations account for 35% of the total global migration.

The study considers this as a hugely positive development for Canada. The reason being a majority of the immigrants with high skills that arrive in Canada already have an existing source of funds and the skills that they possess to contribute to the growth of the economy.

In particular, the research recognizes the hike in the number of women with high skills traveling across the globe. In fact, in 2010, a number of females with high skills immigrated overseas as compared to the males. This was also for the first time this trend had emerged. Most of the women immigrated from Asia and Africa to the western nations in North America and Europe.

The other nations that are competing with the top four nations in attracting highly skilled immigrants include Germany, France, and Spain. These nations have now enhanced their efforts to appeal to the top skilled immigrants across the world. Their efforts are yet to yield the desired results, the report observed.

The authors of the research have projected the trends to continue in the coming years. The top four nations have the dominance over the international immigration and would continue to do so in the future.

The US has three-fourths of the immigrant tech professionals. Its Silicon Valley is the home of international start-ups in the technology sector. On the other hand, more than half of the professionals in the healthcare sector in Australia were overseas immigrants.

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